• 175x110mm Newspaper Sleeve Opp 40 Microns Envelopes
    From £0.04excl. VAT£0.05 incl. VAT
    Code NPS175110
    370mm Tall X 180mm Wide Cello Cone Bags 40micron Open Top
    From £0.08excl. VAT£0.10 incl. VAT
    Code CC370180
    Euro Slot Header Bags
    From £0.03excl. VAT£0.04 incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 22 sizes
    Biodegradable Bags
    From £0.18excl. VAT£0.22 incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 7 sizes
    Open Top Cello Bags
    From £0.05excl. VAT£0.06 incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 4 sizes
    Clear Cello Bags
    From £0.06excl. VAT£0.07 incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 84 sizes
    Gusset Cello Bags
    From £0.16excl. VAT£0.19 incl. VAT
    Available in 1 colours, 6 sizes

    Envelopes Ltd have a huge selection of cello bags have a variety of uses, from protecting items you want to keep separate from others, or as a way to showcase gifts or merchandise. Whatever you choose to use bags for, cello bags are a great option.

    Made from clear plastic, these cellophane bags can be used to protect gifts from dust and scratches as the recipient opens the box. Cello bags also work well for wrapping up candy or other small treats, helping to keep your goodies fresh.

    For additional protection a cello bag works exceptionally well to seal a greeting card or envelope. They are designed so that each cello bag can take an envelope together with a card or approximately 5 envelopes at a time.

    We stock cello bags for almost every type of envelope from size 40 x 45 mm to take 40 x 40 mm envelope up to size 520 x 420 mm. All measurements are in millimetres.

    The cello bags open up on the shorter edge (pocket style) and are available in Peel & Seal or Ungummed version.

    A new addition to our range are our biodegradable cello bags that offer the same protection and quality but are environmentally friendly!

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