ColomPac Manilla Book Wraps

  • Made from Recyclable Material
  • Easy Open Tear Strip
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Adjustable Size

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ColomPac CP 020 book wraps are a hassle-free, all-around protection for your products. These sturdy book wraps feature a flexible wraparound packaging mechanism, ensuring your products are packaged securely and snugly.

The self sealing closure with an integrated tear-open strip makes for easy sealing and opening, saving time and effort for both sender and recipient.

Crafted from high-quality corrugated board, these book wraps not only deliver sturdiness but also uphold environmental responsibility. 100% recyclable and FSC approved, they offer an environmentally conscious option without any compromise on quality.

We offer these book wraps in a wide variety of sizes, including;

  • 147 × 126mm
  • 217 × 155mm
  • 251 × 165mm
  • 270 × 190mm
  • 302 × 215mm
  • 307 × 245mm
  • 325 × 250mm
  • 330 × 270mm
  • 380 × 290mm
  • 455 × 320mm

With capacity ranging from 55m to 80mm, these book wraps are perfect for books, catalogues, CDs and so much more.

Height 126mm
Width 147mm
Size NonFlap (external) 135mm
Size Flap (external) 198mm
Capacity Min 55mm
Item Weight 30.52g
Colour Manilla
Finish Corrugated
Format Wallet
Seal Peel and Seal
Material Corrugated Board
Material Weight 350Gsm
Seams Outside Seams
Window Plain
Box Quantity 20
Box Weight 1.17 kg
Size (mm) 126 x 147 mm
Size (cm) 12.6 x 14.7 cm
Size (inches) 4.96 x 5.79 inches

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